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Expert SEO Audit

Not all audits are created equal. The audit is only as thorough as the auditor and automated audits can be very limited. Sometimes, you just need to roll your sleeves up and go elbow deep into code

Manual auditing process

Design, Technical, UX, Editorial

Plain English recommendations

Organized and prioritized recommendations

Experience not Automation

Our audit is not some automated tool that gives us a bunch of basic information that will result in recommendations anyone could make. Our audit is mostly manually performed and will find issues that no tool will find.

Over 70 areas important to SEO and UX are evaluated and placed on a resource required vs estimated impact scale. All recommendations are in plain English and if barriers to implementation are hit, we have the experience to guide the team through an alternate route

Audit Performance

An audit implemented by a client will result in large gains upon execution.

Why choose us?

A complete, expert SEO audit is more than recommendations. It allows us to be the embedded SEO strategist that can help guide any future initiatives.

Manually performed by Anthony Muller

Our expert will perform the audit himself and make the recommendations personally

Not your typical audit

This audit covers all aspects of SEO including Design, Technical, Editorial, UX and Social variables

Clear, actionable recommendations

The audit guides you through every step of the process. We: Define, Identify, Score, Recommend, Support