Knock On The Sky – Gap Analysis

/Knock On The Sky – Gap Analysis

Competitive SEO Analysis

A competitive gap analysis can yield highly revealing results if you know how to listen to the sounds.

Competitive performance analysis

Targeted term analysis

Link review

Opportunity highlights

Competitive Gap Analysis

An SEO gap analysis juxtaposes your current performance and execution with where you want your performance to be.

You will receive a comprehensive report which will outline all of the gaps discovered along with how wide those gaps are. You will also receive actionable recommendations on how to narrow those gaps.

Our performance

Performance increases after implementing recommendations to narrow your gaps

Why choose us?

While we use tools, they can never compare to someone with vast experience manually performing a gap analysis

Current Performance Analysis

A deep dive into your current goals, success to date and visibility

Clear, actionable recommendations

We dont just identify the gaps or how wide those gaps are. We give actionable recommendations on how to narrow them

Recommendations to achieve your goals

Each analysis is customized around your goals and objectives